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la provincia di como - recensione - 2 09 2013

La provincia di Como, 2-09-2013

Arte & Musica, emotions on the Lario. Ending with Veneziano’s notes.

The young, but very good pianist Irene Veneziano closed, at Villa d’Este, the exhibition “Arte & Musica sul Lario”.
She is a sound artist both on technical level and expressive one and she is able to transmit deep emotions.
A clear technique and a soft touch, that made an extraordinary sound poetry, came out in the interpretation of the “Sonata n. 5 in C Major” by Galuppi, in which we could mark an exceptional assortment of figures, rhythms and considerable qualities of melodic invention.
Not very well-known and rarely performed, the valuable “Notturno” by Respighi was interpreted with a deep inwardness.
Nearly a meditation was the “Scherzo op. 31” by Chopin, an extremely fascinating page because of its passionate character. Melody gradually rose, being enriched by new chords up to a powerful episode, based on ascending and descending passages. Irene’s soul and poetry appeared in all their entity. Her sad and elegiac voice was very penetrating and fitted in with Chopin’s poetic quality.
Irene Veneziano showed herself to be a good composer and arranger too. She transcribed and played in a convincing way a selection of “Opera arias” by Puccini. She was able to get Puccini’s pages most important moments, emphasizing various characters innermost expressions, by making use of daring technical passages and incisive melodic lines.
We were delighted to listen to this Puccini both for transcription quality and performance. The concert came to an end with the suite from “The Nutcracker” by Tchaikovsky in Pletnev’s version. Irene is a pianist on the up and up: she’s got virtuous pianism, sound delicacy, expression softness. She plays with taste, lyricism and passion.

Alberto Cima

La Provincia di Como

Monday September 2nd, 2013