Two pianos and an orchestra for a really triumphal ending (17-09-2011) – ENG

The review. Large croud at San Barnaba in occasion of the Festival opening recital.

Well conducted by Pier Carlo Orizio’s safe baton, Irene Veneziano and Daniele Alberti faced up with great determination to the whirling Rondo.

“Three composers, three completely different musical worlds. Respighi, Wagner and Mozart were played last night at Salone San Barnaba, a full house for the opening recital of the “Xgiornate” 6th edition, a really successful concert with a very interesting programme.


But the stronger audience expectation was for the second half of the recital, with the famous “K365 Concert in E flat Major” for two pianos and orchestra. The pianists were Daniele Alberti and the twenty-six-year-old Irene Veneziano. The audience appreciated, in musical phrasing development, the strong-willed character of both interpreters, which blended very well with the Mozart’s composition one. In fact, the Salzburg author probably thought and wrote this concert for himself and his sister Nannerl. A really fine page was the slow second movement, with its conversational and quiet character, but also with a little irony in the theme shift from one keyboard to the other.

The closing movement was triumphant, well supported by the orchestra conducted by Pier Carlo Orizio, in which the two soloists were engaged in the whirling Rondo, with that concerted cadence which is not at all easy to face together.

Great applause and an encore of the Mozart concert.

Luigi Fertonani

Saturday September 17th, 2011