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La Stampa 02.11.2012 -Copia

La Stampa di Torino, 2-11-2012

Irene Veneziano is going to perform five pages by five composers.

Riding on the crest of the wave, Irene Veneziano is going to arrive in Turin next Wednesday (at 16:00) in occasion of the Concerti del Pomeriggio at the Alfieri Theatre in 4 Solferino Square.

Born in 1985, after the certificate at the academy of music in Gallarate, she specialized with great musicians such as Perticaroli, Achucarro, Bogino. Among the latest successes, she can boast the semifinal at the Chopin Piano Competition in Warsaw in 2010, and the First Prize and Grand Prix at the TIM Competition in Paris. For her performance in Turin she put aside five great pages by five different composers, demonstrating a marked versatility. The concert is going to start with Beethoven, the “Sonata op. 81a”, whose subtitle “Les adieux” is strengthened by the three movements names: “Les adieux”, “L’absence” and “Le retour”. Then a tribute to Debussy and to his “Etude pour les arpèges composés”. And here is Chopin, well represented by the “Scherzo n. 2 op. 31”, the most famous of the four, with those sculptural opening triplets which are, according to the author, comparable to a question. We are going to fly to Spain afterwards, to listen to “El amor y la muerte” by Granados. And some Iberian lands echoes are going to come back in the last page chosen by Irene, the “Spanish Rhapsody” where Liszt suggests a theme which curiously will turn up again later, in the Mahler’s Third Symphony, where the score requires the evocative intervention of the postilion cornet from far away.


La Stampa – Torinosette

Friday November 2nd, 2012