Great concert of the pianist Irene Veneziano last night in Gavirate (9-02-2013) – ENG

GAVIRATE – Saturday February 9th, 2013 – People came from Piedmont, Milan, Como to listen to Irene Veneziano’s music. And, in her last night recital in Gavirate, the piano-star didn’t disappoint their expectations. With the sweetness on her face and apparently, the fragility of her body, Irene did her best in a memorable performance.

She played, or rather, “tamed” the piano, which was really a wild horse, ridden in the meadows of the music, sometimes with kindness, others with unprecedented overbearance. This atmosphere held the audience in a never-ending ecstasy, in a nirvana sublimated by the notes played by Euterpe-Irene.
It’s wonderful that Irene, what with one concert and the other, one award and the other, could have been here in Gavirate; and more than wonderful is what the audience could hear. Irene was one and the same with the piano and with the music that her hands magically let gush out from the tamed horse jaws, sometimes by soothing it with a lump, others by lashing it without any mercy, with her slim but volitive fingers.

Varese News, 9-02-2013