The sound of Liszt in Villa D’Este (december 2011) – ENG

(…) so the young and very good pianist Irene Veneziano, who opened the festival last 4th December, was able to catch and let appreciate more completely the wonderful polyphony of the Polonaise op. 44 and the Scherzo op. 31 by Chopin – thanks to the extreme sound clearness and the tone-colour assortment along the keyboard of the Erard piano – but then she enchanted and literally excited the audience, especially in two Liszt’s last years short pieces, “Nuages gris” and “La lugubre gondola”, where the refined sonorities of a quasi-expressionist Liszt were reproduced in an extremely charming way by the pianist and the instrument. At the end of the concert a shining interpretation of the Spanish Rhapsody by Liszt, where Veneziano was able to render a lot of bright and brilliant colours, thanks to her skill and even to the very clear sound of the instrument, which let some little tuning failures be overshadowed. The prolonged conclusive applause was the evidence of a literally fascinated audience.

Raffaele Mario Caldana

December 2011