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The new and unusual Irene Veneziano becomes herself manager. The very young international pianist from Sesto Calende has decided to face up to the crisis by self-producing her new Christmas CD and opening a new tax standing, to work within the law. An example of how the difficult economic situation may lead to new projects and to bring out the most enterprising, even among the artists.

The spur.
“Now we are really caught in a crunch” Irene says “My country is heavily in debt and is forced to cut spending. Culture is one of the most damaged areas. Orchestras that are closing down, music festival that are passing away, cancelled concerts due to lack of funds, grants-in-aid to musical and cultural association are completely docked; these all are unhappily topical subject”.
According to Irene, the point is that in the past Italy has been too generous with some categories, and the bill will be partially paid by her generation. This moment is really hard for young people. Long years of study are not enough anymore to assure the possibility to find a job, in any field.
Veneziano shows herself very practical: “The situation discourages; we need to work to the best of our ability, the study costs are very high, but the results are slow to be seen and sometimes we wonder if they will ever come”.

Between Chopin and Debussy.
But she didn’t lose heart: “What’s the good of feeling sorry for oneself? Instead, it’s necessary to roll up one’s sleeves, trying to widen one’s views, and learning to walk by one’s own efforts”. And she did it, taking the initiative and assuming all risks. “Thanks to tax relief which has been introduced some time ago, for all the people who are under 35 years old, the State gives me the possibility to open a facilitated VAT number, asking me taxes for only 5% of my income, if my yearly turnover doesn’t get over 30,000 Euros” Irene says “A golden opportunity. It’s a pity that many young people don’t know it. Of course, it’s necessary to rely on a good business consultant, and promote one’s activity even through internet and social networks”.
Irene sees a ray of light at the end of the tunnel. She launched a website on Google to sell better her CD whose name is “Irene Veneziano plays Chopin and Debussy” (you can also ask for it to the e-mail address
Irene is determined to try with all her strength. What can we say? May her fighting spirit be a lesson to many young artists who want to make themselves independent and to have success, as well as her.

Paola Trinca Tornidor

La Provincia di Varese

Tuesday December 11th, 2012