Irene Veneziano plays Chopin and Debussy (16-12-2012) – ENG

“Live recorded at the Fazioli Concert Hall on a Fazioli F278 grand-piano, this work by Irene Veneziano bears out her precious musical talent and consecrates her to a full artistic maturity.

Chopin and Debussy in the centre of Veneziano’s interpretations. The face-to-face with the Polish composer is an almost fixed course for all the pianists who want to make a name for themselves like that, and that’s why is full of risks. Chopin is so performed to remind without any doubt of all the best piano interpretations. His pieces are the ground where technical ability, mastery of the instrument, expressive power and interpretative creativity are evaluated. Irene Veneziano passes the test in a magnificent way. In repertoire for this recorded concert is the Scherzo n.2 op.31, in which the different moments of Chopin art, organized in a rhapsodic form and certifying the composer’s conflicting sentimental range, are masterly proposed by the pianist.
The text that Chopin gave us goes on with plenty of nuances, like a picture where the painter has skilfully proportioned lights and shades, alternating heroic and passionate rushes and a soft melodic cantabile way, which is got by a phrasing clarity and a wide brilliance. In the Notturno op.15 n.2, marked out by its delicate and slow theme, Irene Veneziano begins nearly in a whisper, holds us for a while, waiting what will happen, she seems to be absorbed in Chopin musical thought, from which a special beauty originates. And, of course, only a really inspired artist can create this beauty. There are a lot of manners to sit at the piano and look at the score. Irene Veneziano is full-immersed in Chopin’s music, the young pianist understood it before playing it, you have only to listen to her “Ballade n.1 in G minor op.23” version, in which she succeeds in reproducing naturally that dramatic and yet dreamy character, by doling out the pauses in an expressive way, by drawing through an impeccable touch the Chopin’s whirling emotional flights, by acquainting the audience with an experience that’s not only musical, better a soul adventure which transposes nowadays that musical romanticism.
An unavoidable tribute is given by Irene Veneziano to Claude Debussy, in occasion of the celebrations for the 150th anniversary of his birth. The pianist makes a journey among different compositions by Debussy, from two of the “Préludes” to the “Children’s corner” up to “L’isle joyeuse”, a walk in the French composer’s harmonic innovation, and in the varied musical expression with whom he gave us a lot of suggestions which are projected into modernity. Soft and loud. If we think about the dynamic indications on Debussy’s scores, about his visions, given with extreme precision, we can feel a careful and conscious reading, leaked out through a determined personality who loves music.
This work closes with the “Toccata op.111 n.6” by Saint-Saens, a fantastic composition where Irene Veneziano scrambles up different musical areas and succeeds in having her say, imposing herself not only as a promising pianist, but as a star of great international music.

Paola Parri

Sunday December 16th, 2012