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recensione CD Provincia Cima 3-2-2013 rid

La provincia di Varese e di Como – 3-02-2013

HVF Audio Studio produced a very interesting CD from the recital “Live at Fazioli Concert Hall” in Sacile by the very clever pianist Irene Veneziano.
Aged twenty-seven, a shiny and sunny girl, she was finalist in 2010 at the very prestigious “International Piano Competition Fryderyk Chopin” in Warsaw. She was also awarded in about thirty national and international piano competitions.
The programme is devoted to the Chopin and Debussy music, particularly suitable to her.
Between Chopin and Debussy
She plays some pieces by the Polish composer, such as the Scherzo n.2 op.31, the Polonaise op.44, the Ballade op.23 and the beautiful Berceuse op.57, one of his last years masterpiece, which seems to look ahead to the impressionistic style.
In these pages you can find all the substance of the Chopin music: from the melodies, full of grace and softness, to the fine “rubato” which seems to invent an atmosphere of charming improvisation, until to the intricate harmonic writing.
Especially after Warsaw experience, Irene has improved herself quiet a lot and her interpretations are extremely poetic, soft and endearing, dreamy and intimistic, full of pathos. The accurate technique makes her performances clear and transparent. The sound is warm and finely worked. The precision of the interpretation gets together with the assertion of her own ideas.
By Debussy you can find two Preludes (“La cathédrale engloutie” and “La fille aux cheveux de lin”), the “Children’s corner” and “L’isle joyeuse”.
Focus on the piano
Piano holds a main place in the Debussy works and, both for quantity and for quality, belongs to maturity years. The colour and the nature of the sound take a special weight in the Debussy language. These components come out with a very deep sharpness in Irene’s interpretation. She reveals herself as a severe and sensible pianist, with a wide and soft palette.
Her approach to the Chopin and Debussy scores in essential. The CD is completed by the “Toccata op.111” by Saint-Saens, that she performed at the concert as her encore.

Alberto Cima

La Provincia di Varese e Como
Sunday February 3th, 2013