A successful twinning in every way (17-09-2011) – ENG

Twins of notes… and a night of joy.

There was a festive atmosphere on the stage of San Barnaba’s auditorium, for the awaited opening concert of “LeXGiornate” which signed a new twinning with the International Piano Festival.

At the end of the performance of the Mozart’s Concert for two pianos, it was nice to see the joy and the reciprocal satisfaction of the soloists and the conductor for the achieved musical mutual understanding. The two pianists were Daniele Alberti and Irene Veneziano, for the first time playing together, the conductor was Pier Carlo Orizio, guest for the first time at LeXGiornate.


At last, the Double Concert by Mozart, a piece that he wrote when he was little more than twenty for himself and for his sister Nannerl, who was a brilliant pianist too.

Nowadays this concert is played nearly always by two men or two women, but last night, with the beautiful performance by Daniele Alberti and Irene Veneziano, we ideally got near the original pattern, the one which had as protagonists Wolfgang and Nannerl.

Conductor Orizio gave an imposing progression to the work, but at the same time this was prone to the eighteenth century gallantries. The two pianists found an excellent mutual understanding in a cleverness and brilliance competition in the first movement, in search of a sonority which was even sensual in the very adorned Andante, and finally they sounded the notes of irony in the closing Allegro’s cadenza. A successful twinning in every way.

Marco Bizzarini


Saturday September 17th, 2011