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Irene, the princess of piano awarded by Napolitano (december 2008) – ENG

Sesto/Rome – The young pianist from Sesto Calende received the prize as the best student of the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia. On Thursday 11th December, Irene Veneziano, the pianist from Sesto Calende, received, in the beautiful Sala dei Corazzieri in the official residence of the President of the Italian Republic and directly by Mr […]

Irene Veneziano, a charming touch (12-11-2007) – ENG

The young pianist opened yesterday the “Concerti aperitivo” in Lainate LAINATE-“She performed yesterday morning, the young Irene Veneziano, 22 years old pianist from Angera, that, among both intimate and lively moments, has charmed the audience with an inspired selection of works by masters like Liszt, Prokofiev and Granados, receiving at the end the proper recognition from the […]

At the piano, however, she turns (28-10-2007) – ENG

“MILAN. To see her you would not think. Tiny, kind. Almost shy. At the piano, however, she turns. She even becomes aggressive, she moves between the notes with ease, carving on the keyboard chords and melodies. At age of 21Irene Veneziano has clear ideas. (…) ”

Irene nous prouve une fois de plus que la force d’un être, et surtout d’un artiste, se situe au fond de son être (25-10-2007) – FRA/ENG

(translation below) “Irene Veneziano est une jeune artiste aux apparences frêles et réservée mais qui, après s’est installée au piano, a su dégager immédiatement un vrai charisme et une sensibilité touchante mêlée à une vraie personnalité. A la manière de Maria Joao Pires, c’est un « petit bout de femme » qui « embrasse » son piano et fait […]

The notes played by Irene enchanted Azzate (6-08-2007) – ITA

Oltre 600 persone, ieri sera a Villa Mazzocchi, per ascoltare la giovane pianista di Sesto Calende. Il n°1 di Chopin suonato con l’orchestra “I pomeriggi musicali” diretta dal Maestro De Lorenzo. AZZATE “Giù il cappello signori, un genio!” ebbe a dire Robert Schumann svelando il giovane Chopin, colui che regalò al pianoforte sconfinati orizzonti di poesia, […]